Glaucoma is a group of related diseases that damage the optic nerve, resulting in vision loss and possible blindness. Glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness and visual impairment in the United States, can affect patients of all ages.
Each year, cataracts affect millions of people, including more than half of all Americans aged 60 and older. A cataract is a painless clouding of the eye’s natural lens that is caused by a buildup of protein.
A pterygium is a painless, non-cancerous growth of the conjunctiva, the lining that covers the white part of the eye. The pterygium may grow on the cornea, which covers the iris, the colored part of the eye.

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I had glaucoma surgery and cataract surgery in both eyes last year with no problems. My vision has improved since my surgeries.
Dr “E” is a good doctor with a great personality. Her staff is excellent and always cheerful.
John Doe, Patient

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Dr. Deborah R. Eezzuduemhoi, born in Nigeria, attended The Aristotle University Thessalonica, Greece. She completed her Ophthalmology residency at Howard University hospital, Washington D.C. The zeal to retain the sense of sight solidified her decision to pursue glaucoma subspecialty. Following Glaucoma fellowship training at the Albany Medical Center, Albany, New York, she became an Assistant Clinical Professor at Texas Tech University. She served as director of the glaucoma Service of the department of Ophthalmology.Read More